The Workshop

Our team has been carefully selected among the best craftsmen and technicians of their category to ensure a high quality work to our customers and partners. To this day, we are a team of 60 artisans and technicians of the most talented and ambitious ready to accompany our clients in their projects with passion and rigor. All our products are completely handmade and it’s a result of an ancestral heritage and exceptional techniques.


Sawing back and forth with long steady strokes, the jeweler turns the metal whilst following the lines of the pattern. Once completed, the process is repeated in a new hole until every part of the pattern has been meticulously sawn.


Using a hardened steel punches specially made to suit a particular design. The metal is etched with delicate features accentuating the sawing, providing a relief e ect that distinguishes and enhances the structure.


The welding techniques change in function of the material of the object and its weight, for brass and nickel silver chandeliers which exceed a certain weight per example, pure silver is used in order to avoid any risk of desoldering.


The intricacy and complexity of the pattern a ects the lead-time in that the longer a piece takes to be assembled and produced, the more labour intensive it becomes and thus the more expensive.